Choice of detective agency

It is not a principle that the best-advertised offices, with a nicely made website, will effectively and honestly execute your order. Note some details.

  • The contract-professional and legal detective agency before the execution of the order, prepare the contract, and after it will issue a VAT invoice for services rendered. Another important document is the possession of a concession for detective services and an important third party liability insurance.
  • The quality of evidence-effective detective agency will collect important, legal and above all good quality photographs or videos and other evidence. Unmistakable evidence is what the detective will do to make reliable photographs showing the specific circumstances that are important to getting the edge over the court. Then describe the implementation in the report, the report. A professional office is one that will be requested by the client at the hearing to certify the evidence.
  • Availability-if the detective's job is to deliver the desired results, the office should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and these days can be operated independently from holidays. Another issue is the range of work. Good office works across the country, and sometimes even abroad, moving to different areas.
  • Credibility - One of the most important things is having a detective's license for your occupation. Before joining the office, you should ask to show this document. The license pattern is available on the Internet. If a detective who has a hare on our behalf avoids showing it, it is better not to cooperate further.