As a professional detective company from Krakow, we have been cooperating with a trusted team of specialists and partners for years. What can you count on if you choose P&P Piotr Poźniak Detective Kraków detective services?


  • hexem - a professional and effective debt collection company, together we will recover your money.
  • oferteo - one of the largest websites comparing offers, for years we have been a leader in searching for the phrase "detective kraków" and similar queries, due to our quality and efficiency. 
  • szpieg - a specialist detective store offering high-quality equipment and accessories.
  • attorney Monika Śliz-Bryk - our main partner in court cases. A professional law firm in Krakow is at your service.
  • teltronic - a specialized monitoring system for all devices and equipment. GPS
  • gospy - equipment, equipment and accessories for professional detectives. The highest quality, global technologies and maximum discretion.
  • - additional support in legal matters
  • inwipol - professional spy equipment used by licensed detectives and special services.