How do you know if your partner is cheating? Is my husband cheating on me?

Being in a relationship, there are times when we suspect our partner of insincerity, and often even infidelity. Sometimes it is based on hunches, and sometimes there are certain signals that something is up. How to recognize betrayal? What are the first signs that a partner may be unfaithful? What to look for?

You should start by analyzing whether your partner's daily routine has changed in any way. Staying at work after hours, working at different times than before, additional activities - this is a signal that your partner may have a secret from you.

Another red flag will be delegations - too frequent and too long. In addition, pay attention to whether when you ask your partner about the details of his work, you try to talk about his professional matters - he answers factually or rather dismisses you in half-words. If he actually suddenly has more professional responsibilities, he should be able to answer your questions without hesitation.

Let's move on - the appearance of your partner. Has he changed anything recently? New haircut? Lost weight? Have you started taking better care of yourself? Bought a gym membership? You're probably wondering what happened that for so many years you couldn't persuade him to get off the couch, and now it's hard to get him to play squash? Who are these sudden efforts for? Is it a midlife crisis or is it more about wanting to please another woman?

Until now, he was rather a homebody type, and lately he is suspiciously often wanting to meet his friends? He suddenly became interested in football and can't resist going to a game in the pub? Make sure they are friends. Perhaps he is going out to meet another woman.

Pay attention to what your relationships look like. Is he interested in your life? Is he curious about how you spent your day? Do you make joint plans? Does it talk about your future together? Does he take the initiative to spend time with you, suggest going out or traveling? Or do you feel left out in his life? Going forward - what is your relationship like? Does she avoid him, has less desire for sex? Unfortunately, these are alerts that speak clearly and clearly - there is another woman in my life.

Another sign that he may have a mistress is an unexpected improvement in your partner's mood. Usually bored with life, complaining about work and the routine of everyday life, he suddenly came to life like a teenager. It reminds you of a young man who is experiencing his first love right now. Unfortunately - such "heads in the clouds" may indicate that he is having an affair.

Have you ever caught your partner making phone calls in private? Or abruptly ending those conversations when you walk into the room? Or is he secretly texting someone? Previously, he left his phone or computer in view, and now he does not let it out of his sight? Assumes access passwords to your laptop? He won't let you touch his phone? Do you ever wonder if there is something to hide?

Women are said to be more perceptive than men, and this ability is simply called female intuition. Of course, you can suspect something, guess. But in fact, you can't be 100% sure if your partner actually cheated on you. As a direct subject of this relationship, you have no insight into what is going on behind your back. The P&P detective office offers you professional support and assistance in this situation. We will check for you what your partner does when he is not with you. We will dispel doubts whether he actually has a mistress. Thanks to discreet observation, we will check how and with whom he spends his time. We can "accompany" him on a business trip, after work, in his free time. Remember that only professional, factual and qualitative evidence can be used in court at the divorce hearing.

Feel free to contact us if you suspect your partner of cheating. With our detective office, your nightmare fueled by suspicions and doubts will end - we will present you the case and evidence in black and white.